Theresa "Genie" Lang

Performing career feats of magic for more than twenty years in corporate management and as a small business owner, "Genie" is Masterpath's own wish granter. Ready to transform your life? Have your list of wishes? This maven of magic can help summon the genie in you!

Theresa “Genie” Lang believes each and every one of us is a magical creator. As a mindset and leadership coach, she has helped hundreds of leaders and solopreneurs connect with their unique gifts and achieve greater success, joy, and abundance. Genie has 20 years of experience in management, human resources, and small business ownership and knows first-hand that the road to success is paved with failure. She is a recovering perfectionist, control freak, and workaholic who learned to transform her life by transforming her mind.


A lifelong knowledge seeker, Genie is a student of all things mental, including Hermetics, Abraham Hicks, and positive psychology. She is an ordained Shamanic High Priestess in the lineage of Teri Crow Barnett and Anyaa McAndrew. Genie is a graduate of Distinction from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and is working on a Master of Science in psychology from Purdue University. Genie loves to wander and her home base is Indianapolis, Indiana, where she lives with her husband, Andy, and their two dogs, Bailey and Guinness.

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